Thursday, June 6, 2013

Professional Quester

I have completed the assignment and earned my badge as an H2O hero! I was first draw to this badge because I have always been interested in the current global and environmental issues. In past years, the water issue has become of increasing concern so I was eager to learn more. The first step was called, "Finding your Footprint." It was all about finding the water footprint of everyday goods and foods that we consume. My findings were very surprising, we rarely ever think about our food's path before it reaches our table. Simple things such as paper and bread use hundreds of gallons of water to produce. After finding this information we had to create some sort of visual representation of the data. The second task was to iimagine you are the writer of an advice column in the newspaper and a regular reader writes in to the newspaper looking for advice from you. Her family cares about the environment and wants to save water but thinks it’s too difficult with everyone’s busy schedules. Our job was to create a response that offers practical, easy and inexpensive solutions, including our top 5 favorite ways to help conserve water plus other ways to stay on the conservation track. It was not hard to find small changes in our daily activities that would save gallons of water. After I was finished, I concluded that it was all about being water conscious. If you are constantly aware of your water use and the products you are buying, you will be doing our planet a big favor.

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